If you are not sure how to order sushi, you are not alone. In Japan, sushi is served with vinegared rice, usually accompanied by salt and sugar. It is typically made with fish, vegetables, or both. Sushi styles differ greatly depending on how the ingredients are presented. Sushi rice is also known as shari or sumeshi. Below are some tips to help you order sushi at your favorite Japanese restaurant.


In addition to the classic ingredients of nigiri sushi, you can create your own temari sushi by blending cooked ingredients with raw fish. Instead of raw fish, you can add cooked ingredients like smoked salmon, avocado, or even vegetables. Use colorful ingredients to make each bite unique. Some popular toppings for temari sushi include ikura, chives, or flower-shaped cutout carrot. To create a unique presentation, you can also add a condiment such as mayo.

The temari balls on temari sushi are what give it its name. While the colorful fillings are a distinctive feature of temari sushi, the rice plays an equally important role. These colourful balls can be topped with any number of other ingredients, including vegetables, raw fish, and fresh seafood. Make sure to eat the sushi as soon as possible! Here are a few easy tips for making temari sushi.

Gunkan maki

Gunkan maki, also called battleship sushi, is a traditional Japanese food that features a rice ball covered in nori seaweed. The nori is about an inch higher than the rice and serves as a container for the toppings. This style of sushi is best enjoyed without soy sauce because too much of the dip can overwhelm the delicate flavors of the fish. But if you do want to enjoy a classic gunkan, here are some tips to remember:

Before you begin, make sure you purchase the ingredients for the dish. For example, the rice should be cooked to ensure a firm texture. Also, make sure to buy fresh seafood, as frozen fish can turn soggy. You can find these ingredients in your nearest Asian grocery store, or you can order them online. For an easy, at-home gunkan maki, watch a video guide from Umami Dream.

Tamago makizushi

Whether you want a finger-food treat for your next party or a traditional meal, sushi is a must-try! There are a wide variety of different sushi forms, including the classic tamago makizushi, fried agezushi, and hosomaki, a small cylindrical sushi with only one filling. A few variations of tamago makizushi include avocado, cucumber, tuna, or kanpyo. A few of these dishes contain shiso herb and umeboshi paste.

This traditional Japanese omelet sushi is made with rolled sushi rice and seasoned egg. It is usually served for breakfast. The sweet, clean taste makes this a favorite among children and adults alike. It’s easy to see why tamago makizushi is such a popular dish in sushi restaurants. And while tamago makizushi is traditionally served with nigiri sushi, it’s also delicious served over rice.


Until a few years ago, the most popular way to enjoy negitoro maki was only in sushi restaurants. In the early ’80s, however, a company named Akagi Suisan Co. began selling the savory fried rice in grocery stores and soon Negitoro was available to the general public. In the United States, it is most likely that you will find negitoromaki sushi on a menu.

When served as sushi, negitoromaki may be made with a variety of different types of fish. A common version is made with raw fatty tuna. Then, green onions are added, and it is often served as a topping. The dish has a sweet and sour flavor, and is best paired with nigori sake. As with any sushi roll, you should choose a good sake to accompany negitoro maki.

How to Order Sushi at a Japanese Restaurant